A tribute to Raoul Lambert

Exhibition of paintings and drawings

March 18th, 1914 - May 16th, 1969

We thank the museums of Béziers, Sète, Montpellier, Bourges, as well as the collectors,

R. Lambert's friends, his pupils and Claire,

This website paying homage to Raoul Joseph Lambert is dedicated to all his friends - Artists - Painters - Poets - Sculptors P. Ambrogiani - G. Brassens - Bessil - Jo Carby - A. Chabaud - H. Chabrol - G. Couderc - Jean Cocteau - Darde - F. Desnoyer - C. Descossy - D. Dezeuze - Fouard - Fournel - Fulcran - Guery - G. Jeanjean - Kaplan - Ketty - J. Marzelle - A. Masri - Milhau - Morillere - Nocca - H. Paulhan - Pétioch - Pizzeto - Pozzectc - Rauzi - Rey - Rouan - Sarthou - A. Seguin - L. Servin - Jean Pierre Suc


Exhibition of paintings and drawings

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